PARACHUTE LAUNCH IN ziplines lunch meat meats.

The next 20 February from 10am annual concentration will Paracaigut Lamb Sant Pere de Torello (landing zone of the cemetery)

This year we repeat the installation site, assemble the next normal landing. This area allows the parachute is much more protected regarding possible hitches and friction with the ground.
To respect the landowners, vehicles can not enter the fields where the zip mount, have to stay in the area of the cemetery or at barbecues, where lunch will.

Each participant can send the parachute in a manner similar to what we should do in an emergency, you can check if it opens correctly and have the experience of having thrown. Often we found incidents that have happened in flight would have had very serious consequences

The event will be attended by Carles Towers Stripair (www.stripair.cat) we will give a talk about the different models of folded parachute.
Remember to fold the parachute conditions necessary to let them breathe 24 hours. But if someone wants to fold her, placed a canvas where you can do at your own risk.
For pilots who prefer to manipulate their parachutes on a professional Carles Torres offers participants an offer 20 € to 25 € the folding chair with installation.

Very close to the zip line will lunch with grilled lamb and other delicacies.

Prices for participating in the event, lunch part:
Partners Bertigent: FREE
Non-members € 5
Lunch Price: € 12

Requirements pilots may participate only drivers who have the federal license in force FAC or equivalent insurance.