The international gathering and triathlon parapentístic “The iron chicken VI of Bellmunt”

On Saturday 15 October, on first call and the day you leave them on the web meteo, second, third, fourth or fifth call at 10:00 AM or so, will be held at St. Peter’s Torello the sixth edition of “the iron Bellmunt of chicken.” This concentration of top level sport will test, uncompetitive nature, consisting of the rise in Bellmunt takeoff, flight and target. At the end we can gorge with a lunch that will end with the awards and gifts to participants or not.

There will be four categories: Category “Iron Chicken”. Rise walking equipment, component and target. Category “Can Chicken.” Ascent without equipment (team leads the organization or someone passing through there) component and target. Category “Cardboard Chicken.” We want you to raise life and equipment, component and target. Special Category “If they do not come Chicken” walk ups and downs and, if necessary, a low car, from the target and the look of those who try pinyos. Do not miss it!